Pierce Athletics offers various different events throughout the year to give our athletes every opportunity to expand their skills and character while always having FUN!

One-day clinics with a focus on specific skills are offered during the week in the summer months as well as during the weekend throughout the year. These clinics are great opportunities for athletes to give focused attention on their skill sets to see more consistency in their skill performance and development in their technique and confidence.


Every fall we offer a cheerleading Mini-Camp for athletes from Kindergarten thru 6th grade. Mini-Camp is a SUPER fun atmosphere and a great way for athletes to experience a little bit of structured cheerleading instruction – including jumps, motions, tumbling, stunting and dance. Mini-camp takes place over the course of two weekends with the experience highlighted by a full routine performance at our Tumble-a-Thon event.


Watch for more details on all of our events offered at Pierce Athletics to be shared on our Facebook page or sign up for our email list to make sure to be a part of these ah-mazing experiences!